A list of healthy foods that do not contain carbohydrates or sugar

This course will help eliminate unnecessary carbohydrates and sugar from your diet to increase your health and general quality of life.
The modern diet on average provides too much calories and provides too much sugar. Some authors advice to eliminate sugar from the diet completely. Sugar itself is very destructive to human health.
Sugar itself has no nutritional value. Some authors say that sugar has similar effects to drags, makes people addicted to sugar. There many sicknesses connected with sugar like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar affects the cognitive process of children in a bad way. Sugar is bad for teeth and so on. There is no rational reason to eat so much sugar. Main problem is that sugar is included in so many products that we consume without consent. Sugar is in meat, sausage, ketchup, juices, soda drinks not even mentioning snacks and sweets.
Being more sensitive towards carbohydrates and sugar consumption will make you heltier and happier.

Course specs.

  • English Language with subtitles
  • 7 minutes
  • Video