8 Cheap & Easy Tips for Reducing Your Waste – Zero Waste Hacks

This training course is for everyone willing to reduce personal waste or even go to the more demanding path of Zero Waste. Zero Waste is very effective in reducing waste and saving money. It is focused on buying reusable products, recycle in the home more than 75% of waste without burning. Above all that is how effectively you can help our Planet.

Zero Waste may be a demanding target but it more about going this path. Trying to reduce waste and recycling at home without burning waste is not so hard. Being on Zero Waste side of life will make you much more caution during buying decision, because you will think about how to recycle product after consumption. Zero Waste focuses on reusing, buying things that will serve you very long. Naturally, it will save you money.

Many stars from fashion are proud that they do not buy new things. They reuse, change used stuff or even buy in second-hands.  They sell or give used things to avoid creating waste.
We hope that you like this idea and start going to Zero Waste. We encourage you to share this idea with others.

Course specs.

  • English Language with subtitles
  • 5 minutes
  • Video