15 Hacks to Declutter Your Life

This course continues the move to Minimalism. Some questions are always valid. Does consumption make people happier? Should we consume less and enjoy life more? Should we work harder and longer to consume more?

Do we hurt our Planet with our individual consumption?

Ther is one crucial question. Are you happy working so hard and possessing so much?

Minimalists believe that possessing less makes you much happier.  Limiting your consumption and material needs open space for other values and behavior.

We will repeat that implementing Minimalism will effectively (according to people who did it):

  • help save our Planet;
  • save you a lot of money;
  • save you a significant portion of time ;
  • make your home easier to clean;
  • your productivity will rise;
  • your stress will get lower;
  • you will be happier.

The Planet Impact Academy encourages you to try new ideas to reduce your waste and make you happier. Please share this idea with your family and friends, but be gentle and not too fast. Best way is to do it by showing examples.

Course specs.

  • English Language with subtitles
  • 10 minutes
  • Video