10 Tips to Start Minimalist Living

Minimalism is one of the trends for people who want to possess fewer things and focus on other areas like quality of life. Modern life is based on consumption. We work harder and longer to have more things. This behavior drives economies all over the world. Consumption is good for the economy creates a volume of production and sales, generates workplaces. At the same time at another end of the consumption cycle produces waste and hurts our planet.

Minimalism put one question ahead. Are you happy working so hard and possessing so much? Do your all possessions make you happy?

Maybe you should follow different values than consumption and collecting things? Minimalists believe that possessing less makes you much happier.  You will not work so hard because you already have what you need. You will save money and have more time for your family and friends.

Minimalism will effectively

  • help save our Planet;
  • save you a lot of money;
  • save you some time ;
  • make your home easier to clean;
  • your productivity will rise;
  • your stress will get lower;
  • you will be happier.

The Planet Impact Academy encourages you to try new ideas to reduce your waste and make you happier. Please share this idea with your family and friends.

Course specs.

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  • 7 minutes
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